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For as long as I can remember I have been a Foodie. I love food; the smell, the taste and most importantly the ultimate artistic process of creating a masterpiece to be devoured.

My name is Carmel. I was born in New Zealand and moved to Israel as a child. In 2016, my partner and I began a journey and returned to New Zealand in search of my origins.

Moving from the other side of the world, inspired us to share delicious traditional Pita-breads stuffed with the aromatic flavours of our childhood. In Israel, on every street corner you encounter Pita pockets filled with market freshness.

The traditional Yemenite recipe we use to create our soft-fresh Pita-breads requires time, practice and heaps of love. We source the best of New Zealand produce for our menu and it changes according to the seasons.

Today, we sell our Pita-breads at the local farmer's markets around Auckland with healthy fillings and tastes of Mediterranean cuisine. We look forward to introducing you to gourmet street food and a culinary adventure filled with passion and fresh ingredients - without travelling too far.

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Customer Reviews


...I ate your Pitas yesterday for lunch. Wow THEY WERE SO DELISCIOUS! I really
want to buy more from you because it's such a nice quick lunch for me


I love the experience of eating your artisan pita with delicious, healthy fillings. Beautiful, flavourful cuisine, made with care. So easy to devour!


The funky pita with meat patties and fresh tzatziki combination was an amazing taste sensation. Reminded me of the Greek Islands!


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